[A Tip For Users] Why does LoveAlarm
use your real-time location?

You might be noticed that our App requires permission to have Your location Information While you are using LoveAlarm. 

You might feel a little uncomfortable until You’ve been  convinced about the reason why the App should be using your location Information.
So, We want to let you know the reason why our App is trying to collect your instant location information while you are with your App turned on. 

1. The app requires your location information only for the purpose of checking the fact you are in a LoveAlarm location.

Our ultimate aim is to give our users fun and romantic experiences like as they can be the characters of webtoon and drama.
our app can generate ‘Hearts’ on the screen when we confirm the fact that our users have entered
the LoveAlarm locations by checking the instant location of users mobile phone.

2. We do not store your location information permanently

It can be easier to understand with any types of car navigation reference. LoveAlarm regularly checks the location information to see whether the users may enter one of the designated LoveAlarm locations. It is similar to say with a car navigation system, gps. It keeps chasing the location information of cars while the user is driving the vehicle. We do not store and retrieve the location information with our server.

3. We do not provide your location information to third party organisations

We strongly believe that information related to our users should be handled very carefully. Based on that, We do not share users location information to other organisations or individuals without further agreement. 

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