Invite your friends

“What should I do to get my LoveAlarm hearts?”

Well.. New Year New Feature for You!


Your wishes will become true in 2020 as long as you update the LoveAlarm app.

There is a button in the top right corner and you can share your link with your friends.
When your friends installed and joined LoveAlarm through the link, your screen will be showing the same number of hearts of the friends.

* If you don’t want to miss the moment, please make sure you allow LoveAlarm app to send you ‘App Notifications’.
* You need to grant the LoveAlarm app access to your location information ‘Always’.


* You should update to the latest version of LoveAlarm.

We provide different app theme from the last version. Check out and pick your favourite!.
After you earned several ‘hearts’, the next thing you should do is checking your Mypage.
There will be fantastic badge rewards as your friends join LoveAlarm.
– Collect 5hearts: Soft Pink Badge – Collect 10 hearts: Lemon Yellow Badge
– Collect 50 hearts: Passionate Red Badge
* You can challenge yourself to earn a badge item from each event. After you get multiple badge rewards, you can be one of the members of the Badge Club like Sun-oh in Love Alarm original story.
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