You can read Love Alarm eBook for free.

We plan to run a Free Book Promotion for 3 days. This promotion event will be available in all marketplaces globally.

I believe most of the fans of Love Alarm, the Netflix original series might have known that Love Alarm is based on an original webcomic.
It has been one of the popular webtoons with a lot of fans, not only in South Korea but also in China and Japan.

To celebrate our first global publication, we will share you an exclusive chance to read our eBook series, from the 1st to the 13th installments for FREE. 

★The price of each book will be issued for free only for 3 days. 

Check out the exact date on the calendar below and add this schedule on your Google calendar. We do not want you to miss out on this opportunity!

Links for the information of eBook.

Plus, LoveAlarm team prepared an exciting event to look for Love Alarm advertising models. 


To be a model, what you need to do is to post your own video on Youtube or Twitter.
Your video has to be one or two minutes long and should contain a few pieces of information about our eBook. 

★ Do not forget to add a tag #LoveAlarmEbook so that we can find your posts after the event finishes.

The information you can add in your video can be:
– Love Alarm original comics eBook has been released on Amazon.
– Differences of characters, stories and settings of Love Alarm between TV series and eBook.
– Other interesting facts or comments on eBook.

If you can be chosen as a model, a limited-edition “special badge” item will be added on your LoveAlarm android app.
Does this bear make you remind of something special?
(It did mean a lot to little Jojo. You can check the fact after you read the eBooks.) 

So, win your chance of getting the special badge by uploading the video! 
We will give you a notice on the12th of December to let you know if you have been selected.

Hi, Jojos

I think you might remember what I promised before.
I had said I will come back and let you know again when I am ready to offer you a free eBook.
I am happy to disclose more details about our story by publishing Love Alarm eBook for free.
(Anyone can read without a single penny. Isn’t it amazing?) I wonder how do you think about the original story. Really…
Anyway, thanks for not deleting my app, LoveAlarm. Christmas is almost around the corner,
I wish there would be something special that makes you feel alright.
I am looking forward to seeing your comments on Amazon! 
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