Article 1 (Purposes)

These Clauses, in using LoveAlarm service provided by LoveAlarm Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “the Company”), were made to stipulate right and obligations, responsibilities and procedures, etc. between the Company and members.

Article 2 (Definition)

In these Clauses, terms are defined as follows.
1. “Service” means service related to LoveAlarm as provided by the Company through the terminal(including various wire/wireless devices such as mobile, tablet PC, etc.)  of Member.
2.  “Member” means a customer who has an access to and use Service by making a use contract with the Company under these Clauses.
3. “LoveAlarm Account” means, in relation to use of Service that Member uses after logging in to Service, a Member identifying unit established to manage a Service use history by Member. 
4.  “Heart Accumulation” means data on the Service site accumulated on the system when Member has finished a certain act prescribed by the Company, without Member directly paying a price, which can be used for purchase of digital products, exercise of intangible right, etc. on the Service site until it becomes extinct. 
5. “Website” means a webpage(address: which allows Member to confirm notice, clauses, personal information handling policies, etc. with respect to Service.

Article 3 (Concluding a Use Contract and Creation of LoveAlarm Account)

① A use contract is made when a person who intends to sign up for membership(hereinafter referred to as ‘Applicant for Membership’) agrees to these Clause according to the procedures prescribed by the Company and signs up for membership before using Service and the Company accepts the application.  
② If the use contract is made, Applicant for Membership becomes Member and LoveAlarm Account is created that allows Member to use Service.
③ The Company may reject the creation of LoveAlarm Account of Applicant for Membership in any of followings. Also, in case, after the Company accepts an application for membership, it is found that any of following events has been existed, the Company may take appropriate action including immediate suspension of Service use by Member or deletion of LoveAlarm Account, etc.:1. In case Applicant for Membership has lost his/her membership previously;2. In case Applicant for Membership uses a false name or other’s name;3. In case Applicant for Membership is a child under the age of 14; and4. In case Applicant for Membership breaches related laws and regulations or violates the standards prescribed by the Company. 
④ The Company may put off approval for reason of availability of equipment related to Service, or other technical or business reason, and shall give notice of the result to Applicant for Membership.

Article 4 (Change in Member Information)

① Member may peruse and revise information he/she entered through My Page screen of the Service site. 
② In case there is any change in the Member information mentioned at the time of application for membership, Member shall give notice to the Company and the Company shall not be responsible for the disadvantage due to failure to revise or give notice of the changed information.

Article 5 (Contents and Provision of Service)

① The Company shall try to do its best for continuously provide steady Service. 
② The Company may provide various Service to Member as follows. Such Service may include Heart Accumulation service, contents provision service, audience network service, beta service enabling Member to experience new function, etc. and the Service, not limited or fixed to above services, changes and develops.
③ Service may include advertisements, which contributes to providing Member with quality Service.  
④ The data communication fee that may arise when using Service shall be borne by Member. 
⑤ A use method by Service may be confirmed through each application download page, notice, etc. of the website and app market.

Article 6 (Heart Accumulation)

① Heart Accumulation is accumulated if Member has completed a certain act, such as Member viewing an advertisement provided through Service or participating in an event, etc., in compliance with the goal for which the Company provides Heart Accumulation.
② Details of Heart Accumulation may be confirmed at My Page of the Service site.
③ In case there is a difference between the number of Heart Accumulation input in the server and that of Client, the number of the server shall be the base, and the difference in the number of accumulated Hearts due to desynchronization of the server and Client can’t be corrected.

Article 7 (Location-Based Service Business)

① The Company uses personal location information of Member for Service. 
② The Company uses location information for providing Service or administrative service for other business or a customer, and the relevant materials shall not be stored. 
③ Member may withdraw to the Company at any time any or all of the approval of location-based service using personal location information. In this case, the Company shall destroy personal location information and materials concerning location information use and provision that it obtained. 

Article 8 (Service Change, Etc.)

① The Company may change, suspend or terminate of all or part of Service provided by it according to operational or technical necessity(hereinafter referred to as “Change, Etc.). In this case, unless otherwise stipulated in these Clauses or laws or regulation, the Company shall not separately compensate Member for that.  
② In case the Company changes Service, the Company shall basically give prior notice, but if not predictable, may exceptionally give notice after the change. In case a cause or contents of such change is difficult to give public notice in details, the Company shall state the reason for such difficulty. 
③ Part of Service may be restricted from the date Service change, etc. are notified to Member to the date Service has actually changed. 

Article 9 (LoveAlarm Account)

① Member shall manage his/her LoveAlarm Account with due care imposed on a good manager. Member shall not make others use his/her LoveAlarm Account, and pay attention to management of the password.  
② The Company shall have no responsibility for any damage resulting from Member negligently managing or making a third party use LoveAlarm Account. 

Article 10 (Company’s Obligation)

① The Company shall do its best not to violate related laws and regulations or these Clauses and to continuously and steadily provide Service. 
② The Company shall be equipped with security system for protecting personal information of Member including credit information, and shall publish and observe personal information handling policies. 
③ If the Company decides that the opinion or complaint, etc. of Member related to use of Service are reasonable, it shall deal with such opinion or complaint, etc. The result of dealing with them shall be notified to Member through notice in the app. or blog or email. 

Article 11 (Member’s Obligation)

① Member shall not do any of following acts in relation to use of Service: 
 1. An act of carrying out or using Heart Accumulation in an improper way; 
2. An act of threatening e-commerce order including preventing other Member from using Service, etc.  
3. An act of impersonating the Company or an operator, officer or employee of the Company in relation to Service;   
4. An act of dismantling, modifying or imitating Service through any or all processing acts;  
5. An act of infringing any right including intellectual property right of the Company or a third party;  
6. An act of gathering personal information, or damaging honor, of other Member; 
7. An act of transmitting an advertisement without explicit consent of the Company, or obscene or violent information, etc.;    
8. A failure to perform the obligation under these Clauses, or illegal or unfair acts.
② Member shall abide by related laws and regulations, provisions of these Clauses, posting rules and notices given on the Service site, the matters notified by the Company, etc., and shall not commit an act which interrupts the business of the Company.

Article 12 (Cancellation of Contract, Request for Suspension of Use, Etc. by Member)

① Member may at any time request cancellation of a Service use contract through an account management menu within the Service site or a method provided by the Company, and the Company shall immediately deal with such request.   
② The Company shall not be responsible for any damage suffered by Member as a result of deletion of Heart Accumulation and use-related information owing to the cancellation.
③ Member may request suspension of use through prescribed procedures such as email notice, etc.

Article 13 (Cancellation of Contract, Restriction of Use, Etc. by Company)

① The Company may confiscate membership of Member by cancelling the contract with Member without any prior notice in any of following events: 
 1. In case Member dies; 
2. In case Member uses personal information or mobile device of others; 
3. In case Member threatens e-commerce order including preventing other Member from using Service, etc.;  4. In case Member impersonates the Company, the operator or officers and employees, etc. in relation to Service;  
5. In case Member changes the client program of the Company or endangers the system such as hacking the server without leave;  
6. In case Member damages the reputation or credit of the Company or interrupts business of the Company by means of distribution of false facts, a deceptive scheme, etc.;  
7. In case Member engages in spam-like publicity activities with respect to Service; and 8. In case Member commits an act in violation of obligation under these Clauses or laws and regulations. 
② Heart Accumulation details of Member who was given notice of disqualification for reason as mentioned in sub-paragraph 2 through sub-paragraph 8, paragraph 1, this Article shall be immediately extinct, and Member shall not raise any objection to the notice of disqualification.

Article 14 (Settlement of Service-related Disputes)

① The Company deals with swiftly an opinion or complaint of Member in relation to Service, provided that in case prompt handling is difficult, the Company will give notice of the reason and handling schedule. 
② The dispute arising between the Company and Member may be solved the mediation process of E-commerce Dispute Mediation Committee established by Framework Act on E-Commerce.

Article 15 (Applicable Law and Agreement Jurisdiction)

① Any or all legal disputes between the Company and Member shall be governed by the law of Republic of Korea.
② Any lawsuit between the Company and Member shall be brought in Seoul Central Court or a competent court under Civil Proceedings Act.

Article 16 (Obligation for Personal Information Protection)

The Company tries to protect personal information including registered Member information according to relevant laws and regulations. With respect to this, the Company complies with relevant laws and regulations and the personal information protection policies of the Company, which is publicly notified through the website so that Member may always confirm the policies. 

Article 17 (Posting and Amendment to Clauses) 

① These Clauses are posted on LoveAlarm app. and the website so that Member may easily understand them. 
② The Company may, if necessary, amend these Clause to the extent the Clauses do not violate relevant laws such as Act on Restriction of Clauses, Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. 
③ In case the Company amends these Clauses, the Company gives public notice in advance, stating date of application and contents of amendment, through the website or other notice bulletin board, provided that the change related to new function for Service or change for legal reason may be immediately in force and effect without prior notice. 
④ In case Member expressly rejects the above-mentioned amendment within 14 days from the date of public notice, it is deemed that Member has agreed to amendment to the Clauses.
⑤ In case Member expressly presented his/her intention not to agree to amendment to the Clauses, the Company shall not apply the amended Clauses, and Member can’t use Service from the date the amended Clauses are effective.  “

Article 18 (Exemption from Liability)

① In case the Company can’t provide Service due to natural disasters or similar force majeure, the Company shall be exempted from liability for providing Service.
② The Company shall not be responsible for Service failure for reason attributable to Member.
③ The Company shall not be obligated to intervene in a dispute arising between Members or between Member and a third party in respect of Service, and shall not be liable to compensate for any damage arising as a result of such dispute.

Article 19 (Interpretation of the Clauses)

① The matters or interpretation not specified herein shall comply with relevant laws and regulations or commercial practice.

Date of enforcement: Aug. 14, 2019
Date of amendment\: Jan. 31, 2020

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